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In 5 steps, together with an experienced Export Coach, we will explore opportunities and your chances of doing business abroad. The Export Canvas makes you aware of everything that is needed to prepare for your export plan. Visualize and understand how easy it is to do business internationally.

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Exporting goods, services or knowledge.
Experiment with the export canvas.

Your Export Canvas is the perfect tool that you will fill-out together with an experienced export advisor. It will serve as a starting point for writing your comprehensive export plan. You become aware of your export strategy and gain insight into your weaknesses and strengths

Based on the Business Model Canvas by

Kijk hoe het Export Canvas jou kan gaan helpen bij exporteren

The Export Canvas makes you aware of
your international opportunities

You clearly map out your international ambition in 12 weeks with 12 building blocks.
Exporting goods, services or knowledge?
Together with an Export Coach you will learn about
your earning model, the added value, customers, relations and suppliers.

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Years Experience

With the canvas you make a first draft for an export plan. The system works for small business owners, for freelancers or companies with a separate Sales & Marketing department. Whether you recently started or have been an entrepreneur for several years; the Export Canvas helps you with an investigation, a report and ultimately everything summarized on one A4. An awareness process in which you clearly map your new export opportunities with 12 building blocks.

It makes you aware of the export ambition of your company. Clear questions provide a good picture of, for example, the export earnings model, your export vision, the added value, customers and business partners.

The Export Canvas is based on the Business Model Canvas, parts of a Lean Start-Up, Six Sigma, Blue Ocean and a solid dose of export sales, international marketing and the experiences of all coaches and advisers abroad.

Export offers possibilities for your company. Also it can lead to more revenue. But you can’t just start exporting. The right preparations and making a proper exporting plan will contribute to a successful expansion of your company.

Imagine, you want to start building a home. You don’t just tell the contractor to start building. He wouldn’t know what your specific needs are. That’s why you need an architect who will draw up your plans. A flat roof, a garage and the number of bedrooms are all questions that are included in a construction drawing. With this construction drawing the constructor can start building.

Just like the architect that makes a construction drawing in this example, an experienced export coach helps you with your Export Canvas. It is the first step taken to successful doing international business.

For companies that depend on exporting these are difficult times. Some need a new strategy. You might want to look at exporting to other countries or cater your service or product to another buyer persona. 

Especially for these entrepreneurs we offer several in-depth courses. An Export Expert will take you by the hand and will show you what different options you have. We have combined several building blocks of the Export Canvas to visualize a new export strategy.

Export Canvas specializes in helping businesses to profitably grow through expanding in international markets. Whatever the level of support you need, whatever stage you are at in your business, we turn your ambitions into reality.

Are you looking to grow your business through exporting? Assess your company’s readiness to enter your first markets, expand into additional markets, or take on more challenging, high-growth export markets.

Importing and exporting are trillion-dollar industries. But that doesn’t mean they’re just for big business. In fact, small businesses make up about 96 percent of this field. Learn how to become a part of this ever-expanding economy.

Trade exists because one group or country has a supply of some commodity or merchandise that is in demand by another. And as the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, as we shift in subtle and not so subtle ways toward one-world modes of thought, international trade becomes more and more rewarding, both in terms of profit and personal satisfaction.

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  • Online LMS
  • Reporting
  • Export Canvas ®
  • 1-on-1 Advice
  • Certified Coach

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  • Export Innovation
  • Digital Export
  • Export Canvas ®
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  • Chain Analysis

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Export Canvas ®
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“The Export Canvas gives me a blueprint for the global rollout of my business.”

Ando Arakelov

“The Export Canvas and Export Coach helped us to tap new customer segments in Europe.”

Eefje Smit

“Circonstruct worked out the canvas with an experienced coach. The government subsidy is more than welcome!”

Harrie Lamers

Advantages of Export Canvas ®

Looking for more than just two or three regular coaching consultancy sessions? Export Canvas gives you that extra impulse.

Searching for Opportunities First we determine which countries offer better or more possibilities. We map out your wishes, goals and specifics of your product or service. 

Market Information After this we do research to find out how interesting these countries are for your company.

Internal research The Final step is to make a list of what the necessities are to become successful in these countries.

Despite all these efforts and trigger points we notice that the method doesn’t stick. That’s why you need an action plan to start with doing international business.

The Business Model Canvas and making Export Plans is our expertise.  

This all comes together in the Export Canvas. We plan a visit to your company, we offer a online learningsystem, a workbook, export models and personal coaching. These steps form the sound blueprint of your export ambitions.

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Coaching + your online learning environment

Only accredited coaches can use the unique online learning environment. Personal conversations combined with online video calls make for lasting  results.

Even after finishing the course you can still access the online Learning Management System (LMS) to keep track of your results, read the information again or to do more research. Thanks to our worldwide network of coaches in over 90 countries we can help you and bring you in contact with the right people to make your export ambition come true.