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Your company has been exporting goods to a specific country for years, the product is in demand but there must be more to be gained. Maybe your are only exporting to one or two foreign markets, or are struggling finding new countries exporting to. Which key considerations do you have to identify when looking to expand.

You need a business plan with defined goals and strategies. Unfortunately many companies begin exporting without an export plan so good opportunities are being overlooked. That is why Export Canvas has come up with three different in-depth packages. So you can become aware of what your personal challenges are.  Export coaches will challenge you and ask those difficult questions.

What is the true international value proposition of your company? How are you going to find your buyer persona? And how does digital marketing become a major factor in your business?

Expand your business abroad | Export Canvas

International Value Proposition

Do you have a product or service the consumer is in need of? Its success in a foreign market is a depending on many factors. Especially on consumer dependence. What do you offer and is it something I want and am willing to pay for.

What problem do you solve for your customer? What are their gains and pains? Once you have figured that out, you are on the right path to successful expanding your business abroad.

Now you need to focus on who your customer is and what their need is :  

  1. Make sure you know what your target audience is and what your ideal customer looks like.
  2. Do research and when presenting your product or service, it must be tailored to the targeted buyer.
  3. The best way to sell your product or service is to have the customer come to you.

Export Innovation

How can a frequent inconvenience turn into a big pain? And do you offer a solution to this huge problem.
There are many solutions to a problem. The key is to offer a customer several solution alternatives. But what if all the alternatives given fulfill the need of the user?

Most of the time the user selects the solution with the lowest level of effort.
But what if you look at it from another angle.

User Experience

  • you want to accomplish value through positive user experience
  • the user experience is a series of phases. Focus on findability, accessibility, desirability, usability, credibility and usefulness

Digital Export

Creating a cross-border digital strategy for your business is an important step especially during challenging times. Many companies can benefit from using online tools. They offer added value when it comes to developing distant markets. Those tools can help companies analyze the demand of their products in potential foreign markets. 

A digital strategy is more than just selling your products online. Offering relevant content on your website, Social Selling and Online Advertising are ways to connect to potential buyers.


  • create language specific websites
  • choose a content management  system that has multilingual support
  • 20 hours Coaching
  • Online LMS
  • Reporting
  • Export Canvas ®
  • 1-on-1 Advice
  • Certified Coach

Complete Package

€ 2500.00

  • Value Proposition
  • Export Innovation
  • Digital Export
  • Export Canvas ®
  • Hit by Covid
  • Chain Analysis

Starting at

€ 699,00

  • Video Teacher
  • Experienced consultant
  • Country strategy
  • Export Canvas ®
  • Local Trading Expertise
  • Online LMS included

Starting at

€ 249,00