Export Canvas in Papiamentu

Export Canvas Papiamentu

Brainstorm about export?

Good news, the Export Canvas is now available in Papiamentu!

Tremendo Notisia, awor e “Export Canvas” ta disponibel na Papiamentu tambe!

Bo seshon di “brainstorm” ku bo coach den bo mes idioma semper ta funshoná mihó.

How cool is this: starting  today there is also an Export Canvas in Papiamentu. Why? Brainstorming with a coach works best in your own language. In a time when almost everything is in English, we opt for a different approach. And thanks to Nelida Cathalina of the Export Canvas Hub Caribbean in Curaçao, the entire canvas is now also in Papiamentu.

The Export Canvas, created by Erik Broekhuijsen, makes international business visual and therefore easier to understand. It makes you aware of everything involving export. Local coaches with international experience will help you take your first international steps. We also have export consultants who can advise and assist experienced entrepreneurs. Think of expanding with a new product or entering a new market.

RVO Subsidy

By the way, did you know that entrepreneurs in Curaçao can also make use of subsidy programs from the Netherlands? For example, there is the Coaching Voucher for the “Caribbean part of the Kingdom” . The Export Canvas coaches can tell you all about this grant.

Curacao HUB

In Curaçao we have both Export Canvas and Hotel Canvas coaches who can help companies achieve their export goals. The Export Canvas gives you a view to the rest of the world. The Hotel Canvas helps you attract international guests.

More information about the HUB can be found here .

Do you want to export? Please contact with our HUB manager Nelida via

Are you a coach? Then sign up and be part of our worldwide network of Export Canvas Coaches.

The Export Canvas coaches on Curaçao

Haydee M. Klein, Gilian Martina,  Nevita M. G. Mezas, Sharella Riedel, Margie Overman, Thyrone Magloire en Margit de Freiter.


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