Hotel Buren and the benefits of working with Hotel Canvas

Testimonial Hotel Buren

"With the Hotel Canvas variation of the Export Canvas
we were able to understand our challenges
as well as find solutions to them"

Eefje Smit, owner of Hotel Buren worked with the Hotel Canvas

Eefje is the founder of Hotel Buren, a hotel combined with a nursing and care facility that offers services for our less ‘healthy’ ones.

Eefje never thought she was a good fit for Export Canvas, because how can you go abroad when you have a hotel?

In the beginning she didn’t know where to begin. But after doing some research, she found out that she was able to make use of the Hotel Canvas.

At the beginning, she was overwhelmed, as there was a lot to do but no clear starting point. After being assigned a coach, Eefje started to better understand her situation and her problem, namely the types of guests she had to reach out to, especially when attracting guests from abroad. With the coach’s help and her canvas, Eefje got a better overview of her challenges and how to overcome them.

With the Hotel Canvas we were able to understand our challenges as well as find solutions to them. What surprised me was the amount of international solutions that our coach helped us come up with. The canvas gave us a better overview of all this and helped us to never give up and to reach our end goal. Of course, we faced some challenges, like welcoming our guests in their own language. But thanks to the canvas, we understood that we had to take some language courses; now, we are welcoming guests in their own languages, and we have translated our website to both English and German. It is incredible how, even during Corona times, Export Canvas helped us grow: no hidden fees and a lot of help always available!”