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Individual Training

The Export Canvas consist of 12 building blocks. Each block gives you more insights about your customers, value proposition and how your company can make money.
Our export coaches have specific export knowledge that can be applied to one or more building blocks.

In an online video session the coach will go deeper into the material and help you find answers to your specific exporting questions.

Export Canvas – 12 blocks – 4 courses

We offer:

  • training on each block given by a specialized coach who will
    help you to implement it into your company

  • three different packages in which several building blocks are combined

Individual Block Training

Starting at € 249.- per block

  • select one of the blocks of Export Canvas
  • online video meeting
  • one hour hands-on training
  • certified export canvas coach
  • add more blocks to create your own package
Export Marketing Package

Marketing Package

€ 999.- for 5 blocks *

  • unique value proposition
  • competitive advantage
  • buyer personas
  • early adopters
  • high concept pitch
  • LMS access
  • 5 hours of coaching

Profitability Package

 € 799.- for four blocks *

  • cost structures
  • revenue streams
  • export KPI’s
  • high concept pitch
  • LMS Access
  • 3 hours of coaching
Export Profitability Package
Export Target Country Package

Target Country Package

€ 799.- for 4 blocks *

  • problem
  • solution
  • foreign alternatives
  • channels and countries
  • LMS Access
  • 3 hours of coaching