New coach Samari Barriento from TAO Curacao

Samari Barriento

Business, Hospitality & Export Consultant

Samari Barriento, co-founder of TAO Curaçao B.V

Samari Barriento, co-founder of TAO Curaçao B.V., is an internationally educated and prepared business, strategy, and hospitality consultant specialized in operational implementation of organizational processes.

Samari Barriento | TAO Curacao | Export Canvas and Hotel Canvas Coach


Latin America ( Colombia, Peru)
Europe ( Spain, Netherlands)
United States ( Florida, New York, South Carolina)


Business Startup
Hotel &
Export Strategy

My story as an entrepreneur

Walking the Talk

This specialized generalist or rather generalist specialist has worn just about all the hats within an organization. Her record shows her analytical skills and ability to break down challenges and refine them into concise and effective strategy. Samari successfully co-founded TAO as her own consulting firm. As a TAO consultant, Samari empathetically helps develop winning business models, create business, financial, and marketing plans, and attract funding. Samari has fully embraced the execution of alternative marketing and branding multi-media productions.

Specialist or generalist

After more than 10 years of serving mainly the hospitality industry working for various renowned organizations, Samari confidently leaped into entrepreneurship. Throughout her career, she gained extensive experience in the hospitality industry, the financial sector, and education. She held several senior strategic and management positions in hospitality, sales and marketing, and operational management.

Entrepreneurial Hospitality

Encouraged by her broad experience and natural curiosity for entrepreneurship, Samari pursues an MBA in General Management. Meanwhile, she fell in love with Entrepreneurship. She is committed to helping business start-ups develop their business and revenue models, prepare viable business plans, and conduct valuations. She insightfully helps discover new opportunities, create strategic plans, carry out due diligence, and raise private equity funding. Samari assists managers, entrepreneurs, and their teams in creating business and financial models that drive growth and revenue, while keeping it easy, understandable, and affordable.

Innovative youth

A firm believer in the potential of people and particularly the youth, Samari supports encouragement, empowerment, development, and education of youngsters to be better equipped for the fast-changing world starting today. From the business perspective

Blazing through limitations

Samari understands the challenges of growing a business with limited capital and human resources and realizes that a company’s growth depends on working smarter, and faster to survive in today’s competitive market. She earned her reputation as a creative and effective executive able to plan and execute within corporate confines. She developed a sharp eye for tracking how businesses can become bloated with inefficiencies, lack of direction, and miscommunication – and how they can be retooled to a sleeker, smoother, strategically focused organization. Samari: “It’s all about proper application of tools, effective use of resources, and nurturing the essential human capital.”

Business Ecosystems From Youth Entrepreneurship , Micro Finance to Startups and Scaleups. Developing and implementing program and program material, workshops, trainings, and coaching program, while providing on-going coaching to the Entrepreneurs. We have been in involved in the process of setting up localized programs for Entrepreneurs.

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