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Testimonial Circonstruct

Harrie Lamers is the founder of Circonstruct. His company was getting requests for quotes from outside The Netherlands, however, he wasn’t planning on expanding abroad and had no idea where to start. Doing some research, he ended up reading an article on LinkedIn about Export Canvas. He became interested and contacted us.

He was sceptical at the beginning, as he wasn’t sure whether going abroad at that stage was a good idea for his company. But he pushed through. With Export Canvas, he understood his business’s strengths and weaknesses, as well his opportunities and threats abroad. It wasn’t an easy journey, as he encountered problems on the way; filling out the government form turned out to be tricky, but he contacted Export Canvas and received help immediately on the spot.

Thanks to Export Canvas and its coaches, Harrie was able to strike his first deal in England, which is one of the countries in which Circonstruct now operates.

The canvas gave us a focus, a plan of attack. The meetings and the hand-on support of the coaches exceeded my expectations. Also, Export Canvas offers a lot of online tools and extra knowledge that can be found in the Online Learning System. It is amazing how we were able to get results within a few months, when originally we weren’t even planning on going abroad!”


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